Auditions 101

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Auditions 101

YDA Auditions are coming up so here is a quick little guide to all our dancers who are planning on auditioning or even thinking about auditioning. First of all, this audition is not only a great experience but it’s FUN! Dancers will be taught combinations to perform for a small panel of judges…they will not be asked to dance by themselves but instead broken up into small groups. Dancers will be notified of the results within 2-3 weeks of the audition. Here are some things dancers can do to be the most prepared for their audition. Come Dressed To Impressed All dancers should be in their best leotard and tights, have their hair in their prettiest ballet bun and wear their brightest smile on their face. We suggest that you bring all of your dance shoes because you may be learning a combination in a variety of subjects. This way you feel prepared and ready to dance. Use Excellent Classroom Etiquette Think of this as a dance class….you do not talk, goof around or play with your friends in dance class…you do your best to remain focused and work hard. This audition is your chance to demonstrate that you can represent CAPA in class and at competitions, performances and special events. Dance Your Heart Out Do not be afraid to show the judges what you can do! We love to see our dancers shine their brightest and here is a perfect opportunity. Show us your best techqnique and don’t forget facial expressions, too! Always Have FUN Always remember that being a dancer is an exciting privilege. It’s not always easy but the end result is worth it! So enjoy every second and have...

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Recital Practice CDs

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Practice Makes Perfect Why is it so important for your dancer to include practicing in their weekly routine? Repetition! Students learn by consistent repetition. Practice not only helps them become more skilled at the movements but it creates what dancers call “muscle memory.” That basically means that our bodies remember how to accurately complete the movement, or combination of movements, without delay. This enables us to be right on time, using the correct counts and staying in time with our classmates. So practice, practice, practice!! To help our dancers practice for their upcoming recital, we have put together complimentary “practice CDs”. You can either pick your copy up at the front desk or receive yours through an email to download into your iTunes. Just email if you would like your copy emailed to...

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Want to be a CAPAmbassador?

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Want to be a CAPAmbassador? We are looking for a few enthusiastic parents to help promote CAPA throughout the community by word of mouth and social media. CAPA Ambassadors receive: A recital gift pack including complimentary tickets, a dvd and logowear. A direct line to the studio directors to discuss various topics concerning CAPA, as well as, different opportunities for CAPA to support your child’s school, your personal business and/or your community projects. The opportunity to try out and provide feedback on all new classes, programs and, at times, merchandise at CAPA. 10% discount on all CAPA studio store merchandise. Shout outs and posts of your dancer on our social media channels, blog posts and website. In return, we expect our selected CAPAmbassadors to post pictures, reviews and various studio promotions on Social Media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Moment, etc. a minimum of two times per week. It could be a picture of your child dancing at CAPA or a review on a personal blog about one of our classes. We are looking for creativity! We are also looking for opportunities to be more involved in both the area schools and community activities. We would like our CAPAmbassadors to keep us up-to-date on all opportunities for us to sponsor your child’s school…maybe it’s an auction donation, a jogathon sponsor, a guest performance at a school event or a booth at a school fair. We are up for all suggestions! We want to give back to our community and we would LOVE your help to do so. This CAPAmbassador term will be from June 1, 2015-December 31, 2015. If you are up for it, please fill out this application below by May 22nd! We will be announcing our new (and first ever!) CAPAmbassador team on May 25th! Must be over 18 to apply. Name* First Last Email* The best phone number at which to reach you*How many children do you have dancing at CAPA?Please list their names, ages, and school they attend. Tell us what you like about CAPA.Let us know in a few sentences why your family is part of the CAPA family Are you involved in your children's schools?Tell us what types of volunteer activities you participate in at your child's school. Provide us with your social media links.Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,...

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NEW AIReal Yoga™ Classes

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We’re excited to announce several new classes on our schedule beginning January 27! We will now be offering AIReal Yoga™ on Tuesday mornings at 10AM and Wednesday mornings 11AM here at CAPA. AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric (hammock) that swivels freely on a single point taking you to higher level. It allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment, and safely perform inversions. The hammock further serves as a prop you can hold on to for balance and as a spotting device which safely guides you into postures you might of thought are reserved for gymnasts and circus artists. This new form of yoga is equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students alike. We will also be offering a Barre Fitness Class on Friday mornings at 10AM. Ballet dancers have always used the barre to train and strengthen their bodies. Barre Fitness incorporates the ballet movements which tone and lengthen into a workout suitable for beginners as well as those with dance experience. Childcare will be available in CAPA’s toddler room for this...

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Get to know CAPA instructor Thais Leavitt!

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Q: How long have you been dancing? Teaching? A: Trained eight years and professionally danced sixteen years. Total twenty-four years of dancing. Teaching twenty-three years and still counting. Q: Why did you begin dancing? A: My dance studio was a few blocks from my home.  I had two wonderful teachers who inspired me to love the art of ballet and not be afraid of working hard and striving for excellence. Q:What is your favorite part about being a dance teacher? A: Challenging students to do and be their best. Q: What do you do in your spare time? A: I love to travel, cook, tend to my garden, attend dance/music/theater productions and museums and entertain friends at home. Q: What has been the highlight of your dance career? A: Dancing internationally as a guest artist, dancing leading roles in famous ballets and receiving standing ovations. Q: What advice would you give CAPA students? A: Learn as much as you can from each teacher you have and always dance full...

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Enroll Now For Fall Classes!

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Be a part of our Fall session and enroll today! Whether you are 1 or 101, first-time dancer or pre-professional…we truly have something for everyone! Click here to view our...

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Summer at CAPA 2014

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Have you registered for summer classes yet?  We are offering several classes for Pre-Academy and Academy students. Summer session will run from July 21- August 22. See you there! Click here to download class list and descriptions Summer 2014 Flyer Pre-Academy Mommy and Me BalletWednesday 10-10:45AMAges: 1.5-3 yrs. Description: Our youngest dancers can explore music and movement in a warm, nurturing environment with Mommy or Daddy by their side.  Little ones will develop motor skills, interact with their peers and have a blast dancing and singing in this special class! Cost: $55 Preschool Flit and FlutterTuesday 10-11AM, Wednesday 5-6PMAges: 3-4 yrs. Description: Preschoolers will be introduced to the beautiful world of classical ballet in a gentle and age-appropriate setting.  Activities include classical music exploration, basic dance terminology, posture and motor skills, along with a healthy dose of imagination and creativity!  Tumbling and tap also promote strength, muscle development and rhythm.  Cost: $75 for 1 class/week, $135 for 2 classes/week, $175 for 3 classes/week   Kindergarten Flit and FlutterTuesday 11AM-12PM, Wednesday 6-7PMAges: 5-6 yrs. Description: Young dancers will be presented with a broader range of skills and movements to offer them a challenging, yet fun and nurturing classroom environment.  They will continue to learn and build concepts of posture, strength and rhythm, while fostering imagination and creativity.  Cost: $75 for 1 class/ week, $135 for 2 classes/week, $175 for 3 classes/ week Preschool Move and GrooveThursday 4:30-5:30PMAges: 3-5 yrs. Description: Dancers will have so much fun moving and grooving to all their favorite songs, while also learning rhythm, coordination and memorization skills.  They will also get to end each week with 15-20 minutes of tumbling, including somersaults, cartwheels and more! *All music and dance movements are carefully selected to be age appropriate.  Cost: $75 for 1 class/week, $135 for 2 classes/week, $175 for 3 classes/ week ONE WEEK ONLY!  Ballerina Princess Camp and Tea PartyDates/Times: July 28-August 1, 2-4PMAges: 3-6 yrs. Description: This magical week will be the highlight of every budding ballerina’s summer!  Dancers will be introduced to a different classical ballet each day, learning the story, characters, and classical music.  Each day will feature ballet instruction along with storytime, music appreciation, arts and crafts and a visit from a special guest ballerina.  The week will culminate in a tea party for the dancers and a guest of their choice.  Cost: $195   Academy Summer Hip Hop Party KIDS (6-9)- Thursday 5:30-6:30PMTWEENS (10-12)- Thursday 6:30-7:30PMTEENS (13+)- Thursday 7:30-8:30PM Description:  This high-energy, fun-filled class is the perfect way to celebrate the summer, AND gain some amazing new skills!  Dancers will learn the basics of hip hop, such as popping, locking and breaking, along with fast-paced and intricate choreography to their favorite tunes. Cost: $75 Cirque du CAPAWednesday 5-6PMAges: 7 and up Description:  CAPA’s most popular summer camp is now a weekly class!  Students will learn aerial skills on the static trapeze, hammock and silks, as well as acrobatics and flexibility!  Come see why everyone loves to fly!  Cost: $135   Summer JumpstartTuesday  5:30-6:45PM(Ballet), 6:45-7:45PM (Jazz)Ages: 7 and up Description: Is your dancer ready to take his or her skills to the next level?  Is he or she ready to learn new and exciting skills, such as turning and leaping?  Summer Jumpstart is designed to help each dancer reach the next level of dance proficiency. ...

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Find Us on Instagram!

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Join us on Instagram (camarilloacademy) for daily pictures, questions, contests and fun facts about your favorite CAPA teachers! We would love to see your CAPA pictures too….tag them #camarilloacademy! 

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The Benefits of Classical Ballet

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We especially enjoyed this article from The Child Development Institute about the benefits of the study of Ballet. We couldn’t agree more! When it comes to their kids, parents want them to have the best. Exposure to things like sports and the arts help them to become more well rounded young men and women. Have you thought about ballet? Kids are into all sorts of afterschool sports and other activities like piano and violin lessons. Dancing is a great medium for both girls and boys. And, they can start young. Classical ballet may have been pushed aside in favor of tap dancing, hip-hop, jazz and other forms. But, did you know that beginning with ballet will help with these other types of dancing? That is just one little secret weíre letting you in on. Ballet dancers make it look effortless as they move across the stage. From the lifts to the toe points, many wonder how they can do it. Your kids can also be a part of this through the practice of classical ballet. Ballet classes can start for young kids around ages four and five. For them, being in front of all those mirrors and the bar is something new and exciting. Some of the benefits of ballet for young kids are: They learn to follow instructions They gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions They learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion They are active and getting daily exercise They become comfortable performing before groups When a child is young, learning new things is easier for them. They can adapt and learn more quickly than when they are older. So, once a child begins in ballet at an early age, they are not only learning a valued art form but also getting trained for the life that is ahead of them. This is just the beginning, though. As a child continues to pursue ballet, youíll see more benefits emerging – especially when they become adolescents and into the teenage years. They develop long and strong muscles from the practice of ballet They gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish They learn how to work to get what they want out of their performance The skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing like tap or jazz if they want to take that up later They learn about proper nutrition to keep their bodies in shape so they can dance We would love to hear your thoughts. How has the study of Ballet helped your child?...

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More CAPA Dancers to Congratulate!

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We at CAPA have so many reasons to be proud of our dancers. Here are the latest. * Donell Crone will be touring China with New York Stage’s production of “The Dream.” She will be an aerialist in this show loosely based on Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Donell is  a 2013 graduate of CAPA and a long-time member of YDA. Congrats Donell!! * Kendyl Yokoyama has been selected to play the lead role of Princess Jasmine in the Conejo Players’ production of “Aladdin Jr.” The show runs October 5-6 and 11-13. The multi-talented Kendyl has been a student at CAPA since P1. She is currently a dancer in CAPA’s intensive program and a member of YDA. Sing and dance your heart out, Kendyl! * More congrats to all our lovely dancers who spent their summers at dance programs across the country: Kelly Klein attended Complexions in NYC; Rashelle Rascon attended Broadway Artists’Alliance Advanced Dance Program in NYC; Olivia Johnson attended Joffrey Ballet School Jazz and Contemporary Intensive in Los Angeles; Cydney O’Rear attended Joffrey Ballet School Intensive in NYC; Taylor Brown attended The Rockettes’ Summer Intensive in NYC. Way to Go, Ladies!!...

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