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54560_437622835754_5183581_oMy years as a CAPA student gave me the solid foundation I needed to excel as a dancer. The training I received provided me with strong technique as well as the versatility that is needed to succeed in today’s dance world. Most importantly, the relationships I made with friends, teachers and directors will be lifelong. I am honored now to teach and choreograph alongside my chidhood mentors.
– Crystaldawn Bell; BFA in Dance, Performance, and Choreography.
California Institute of the Arts Dancer, Robert Moses’ Kin, San Francisco, CA

Michele-Purple-ShirtCAPA helped me to grow in many ways: Technically, my classes gave me advanced skill and strength. Artistically, my teachers, especially my mentor, Miss Ashley Feinsinger, gave me creativity and passion. Emotionally, my teachers, studio directors, and fellow dancers provided a warm environment that nurtured my deep love of dance from a very young age. I’m so happy that I grew up in, and will always be part of, the CAPA family. – Michele Carter; Sophomore Dance Major, Juilliard School

Vivaldi-KendylCAPA is a wonderful place to learn how to dance because I feel like I am free to be myself and express my feelings through dance. My teachers are not only passionate about dance, but they are also kind, caring and supportive. For the last 8 years, they have helped me become not only a better dancer, but also a better person! Everyone is so nice, I feel “at home,” as if we are one big CAPA Family!
– Kendyl

I brought my then 2 year old daughter Emily to her first ballet class at CAPA for the first time over ten years ago. Little did I know that it was the first of thousands of trips to CAPA, that it would become a second home and family to her, and that it would literally change the course of her life. Now, as she spends her summers dancing and studying across the country with some of the world’s most renowned ballet teachers and schools, including the Kirov Academy and the School of American Ballet, we are always so happy to come home to CAPA, which has given her the confidence, skill, and passion to pursue her dream.
– Kathy Ireland, mother of Emily Ireland

kelly1CAPA was such a wonderful place to come to and dance at for the past fourteen years of my life. It truly taught me the lessons I needed to become strong technically and artistically. The studio provided a friendly yet conservatory-like atmosphere for me to train in which gave me the skills to thrive in the professional world of dance.
– Kelly Klein

All my training in dance came from CAPA from ages 3 through 18 . With that training I was accepted into a college for the preforming arts, thanks to all the wonderful teachers, classes, and performance opportunities that really push you to be your best. Without capa I would have never discovered my love for dance or the friendships and family that last forever. – Rashelle Rascon

This is my daughter’s fourth year at CAPA. She is 7 years old. We have found it to be positive in so many ways. She feels like CAPA is her second home and can’t wait to go every week. My daughter has loved every instructor and all are nurturing and professional. I love to watch her confidence soar!!!!! Thank you CAPA!! – Beth Gama

Lauren-BrownOur family has enjoyed the CAPA community for seven years. We initially chose the studio (for our then 3-yr old daughter) based on the quality of dance instruction but found ourselves immersed in a warm, loving community. The teachers respectfully engage the dancers with age-appropriate choreography that is both challenging and fun. Recital is my favorite weekend of the year! I love to see all the children dance and am always amazed to see their progress and growth. We can’t say enough great things about CAPA‚Ķit certainly has added tremendous value to our family!
– Michael and Connie Brown, parents of Lauren Brown

Olivia-SummerWe are completely thrilled and overjoyed with The Camarillo Academy of Performing Arts. Our daughters have shown tremendous growth both physically and spiritually in the short time that they have been attending regular dance classes. We greatly appreciate the personable, well-oiled administrative machine that is the front office, and as such, vital communication is never an issue. We are impressed with the professional and friendly nature of each and every teacher; not only do they know what they are teaching to our girls, they consistently exude a positive and nurturing energy at every turn. It is obvious to us that they live and love dance, and our daughters are the beneficiaries of the seemingly endless devotion to their craft. We also respect the structure and discipline at CAPA. Not only do they receive a solid dance foundation at CAPA, but wonderful friendships as well. Our girls have made so many great friends over the year, quality friendships that will certainly last well past these early dance days. We feel a strong sense of community and small-world charm at CAPA, with parents involved in seemingly every aspect of the operation. Our girls are so very lucky to be involved with CAPA, and so are we as their parents.
– Molly Johnson

CAPA touched my life in so many amazing ways. I made lifelong friends, gained confidence in myself, and grew as a dancer thanks to my wonderfully talented teachers. After my great experiences at CAPA, I’m never going to be able to stop dancing.
– Cristy Lopez; Sophomore, California Polytechnic State University

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